5th Quadrant Services

5th Quadrant Services is general partnership based in the Houston Texas area and serving the healthcare community, primarily in the Texas and Southwest Region. 5th Quadrant Services was founded in 1991, as a continuation of Bob Burns and Associates. Bob Burns and Associates was founded as a healthcare information systems consulting practice in 1982 by Bob Burns.

5th Quadrant Services is networked with a large group of highly skilled technical resources, which it often uses on a sub-contract basis to service its clients. 5th Quadrant Services has numerous collaborating consultants which can be brought to bear on client issues. Additionally, 5th Quadrant Services has developed relationships with several high quality partner organizations to provide for its customer needs

5th Quadrant Services provides a wide range of advanced information systems and technologies skills to augment its clients staff. The types of services provided to these clients is as varied as the client needs.

Bob Burns' Resume